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The chain of burgers joints with signature buns and premium meat pattys

In our #FARSH burgers we use delicious marbled beef of Black Angus from “Miratorg”. Agroindustrial holding especially for the chain has launched a separate processing meat line – no one else has this type of minced meat.

Minced meat from superlative-quality Black Angus marbled beef needs a decent accompaniment. That’s why potatoes burger bans are made according to a special recipe from the brand chef Kamel Benmamar. Everything is done according to the gold standard – 13 centimeters and with a secret ingredient. FARSH’s menu also includes salads, chicken wings, strips and a variety of desserts. For those who is doing fasting, the burger bun can be replaced by salad leaves. The bar offers a selection of homemade lemonades, morses, milkshakes and best craft beer.

In short, welcome to #FARSH, may the fast-food, craft beer and Black Angus be with you. The first burger joint was opened in 2015. Please note that it’s not possible to purchase the Novikov Group gift certificate at #FARSH