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5642 Vysota

Moscow, Bolshoy Cherjassky Lane 15-17, building1
Moscow, Bolshoy Cherjassky Lane 15-17, building1

The chain of Adighe restaurants in Moscow was named after the highest mountain in Russian and Europe - Elbrus

The height of western summit of Elbrus – the highest point in Russia and Europe – became a name the name of Arcady Novikov’s between Kitay-Gorod and Lubyanka, surrounded by numerous ministeries, in Bolshoy Cherkasskiy Lane.

Restaurant’s cuisine is Adighe, but also can be considered as Caucasian. Chef Alisher Nakhamov’s team makes almost transparent khichins, tender chiken in Kabardian sour cream – gedlibzhe and flavory lyagur that is dried over the nettle fire. There are also Georgian dished such as lobio, kharcho, chakhokhbili and many others. Local produce is used in every dish chicken, cheese, sour cream, honey are brought from the Elbrus region.

The distinguished interior was created by Natalia Belonogova’s NB Studio. There are high concrete ceiling, reinforcing structures and metal pipes, raw wall made from Nizhny Novgorod bricks of the 19th century, big sliding windows, massive forged chandeliers, stained glass of yellow-orange tempered glass and open kitchen with 2 meter brazier.

The restaurant opened in 2014